It Is AlI About You, Not Someone Else

crossfitOne of the many reasons I fell in love with Crossfit was because I had the ability to measure my results.

Every now and again you repeat a crossfit workout (workout gear lab post) you have done before and you can compare your results to see how much better you have gotten. In my example, we will look at my Fran times.

65 lb Thrusters

had a time of 9:10 on a scaled Fran.

I did 58 lb Thrusters and used a medium band to assist in my pullups.
3/26/2009: 9:22 Rx’ed
1/11/2010: 6:56 Rx’ed

Now, by looking at the numbers it is obvious to see I improved each time I attempted Fran. Yes, my time was slightly longer the second time, but I did … Read...

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