Increase energy During the Day Without the Crash and Side Eeffects


Constantly pumping caffeinated fuel into your body only to feel like you’re left on empty? Here are 10 tips to increase energy during the day without the crash and side effects of an overdose on caffeine:

Give yourself a quick massage

If have an opportunity to reward yourself with good quality zero gravity / anti gravity massage chair, go ahead and do it, if not good massage will help.

Start at the temples (the area above and just behind your eyebrows).  Work in circles around the indented area until you feel a release of your temples.  Massage the scalp by pantomiming a good shampooing.

Tug each ear gently Massage over eyebrows in small circles with the fingertip of your middle finger.

Hold very gentle pressure over your eyes with … Read...

It Is AlI About You, Not Someone Else

crossfitOne of the many reasons I fell in love with Crossfit was because I had the ability to measure my results.

Every now and again you repeat a crossfit workout (workout gear lab post) you have done before and you can compare your results to see how much better you have gotten. In my example, we will look at my Fran times.

65 lb Thrusters

had a time of 9:10 on a scaled Fran.

I did 58 lb Thrusters and used a medium band to assist in my pullups.
3/26/2009: 9:22 Rx’ed
1/11/2010: 6:56 Rx’ed

Now, by looking at the numbers it is obvious to see I improved each time I attempted Fran. Yes, my time was slightly longer the second time, but I did … Read...

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